An Agency that speaks your language

An unique approach to public relations and branding services in Latin America

Here at Bluemarketing we are firm believers in giving our clients a fresh insight on their brands, with a special focus on the way they communicate to their different audiences. For us, it all comes down to a word: branding.

As a Mexican public relations and branding agency, Bluemarketing has a strong relationship with international companies, understanding their needs and concerns on getting their brands known by their potential customers.

We enjoy advising our clients on all matters related to their brands and the particularities of the Mexican marketplace, which is quite sophisticated and complex, so that they can make the most of their public relations campaigns while talking directly to people that understand their needs.

We speak our client’s language, and have a deep understanding both of Mexican media and the different audiences a brand needs to talk to so that it can get noticed. Public relations is in our blood and market research is in our brains, so that our clients get thorough and honest advice, giving it our best so that their brands can prosper and position themselves both in Mexico and Latin America, which is highly influenced by Mexican media and market trends.

Bluemarketing has considerable expertise in media training and crisis management, which gives us an unique insight into every aspect of public relations, along with strong relationships with news agencies, print, radio, tv and online media groups throughout Latin America, ensuring a quick response to any developing crisis our clients might have.

If you’re looking for a public relations agency and regional partner in Mexico that understands you, please give us a call at 55 9233-3733 or email us at where we will be glad to talk to you.

Crisis Management Services for Latin America

There is nothing worse for a brand or a company than not having a crisis management plan set in place as soon as the firsts signs of trouble start to pop up. In Mexico and all around Latin America, most companies, regardless of their size, have no clue on how to manage a crisis and usually end up with a public relations disaster in their hands.

This is why Bluemarketing started as a crisis management consulting and training agency, helping companies learn the skills needed to survive a media crisis, while giving them the advice they require, in an honest, uncompromising fashion and in their own language.

Over the years, our executives have had first-hand experience with crisis management, ranging from serious health scares to rock concerts and industrial accidents where a fast and professional crisis communications response has been vital to help save brands, jobs and even lives.

Bluemarketing has trained spokespeople ranging from top government officials to the best-known brand managers and CEO’s in Latin America, designing their crisis communications manuals and constantly updating their responses in an increasingly aware social media environment, where a single tweet or facebook post can ignite a media crisis in a matter of seconds.

We have developed a deep and close relationship with top media outlets and journalists, winning a hard-earned respect as a trustworthy partner in crisis communications by avoiding misleading them for short –term gain, while creating goodwill towards our clients by reaching out to the media in a professional and straightforward fashion.

Our agency has a deep commitment to confidentiality, so our crisis management training and consulting services will never become an issue for our clients. You can be sure that Bluemarketing will be at your side when you need us the most.